January 2024
Date Title
1/18/24 HASC Leaders Express Support for Maintaining Two-Per-Year Virginia-Class Submarine Procurement
1/7/24 Smith, Rogers Statement on Delayed Notification of Defense Secretary's Hospitalization
December 2023
Date Title
12/22/23 Smith Statement on President Biden Signing FY24 NDAA Into Law
12/14/23 Smith Statement on Passage of Bipartisan, Bicameral FY24 NDAA
12/13/23 Ranking Member Andy Kim Opening Statement for Military Personnel Subcommittee Hearing on Recruiting Shortfalls
12/12/23 Ranking Member Norcross Opening Statement for Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee Hearing: F-35 Aquisition Program Update
12/7/23 Ranking Member Moulton Opening Statement for Strategic Forces Subcommittee Hearing: “Regional Missile Defense Assets: Assessing COCOM and Allied Demand for Capabilities"
12/7/23 House and Senate Armed Services Committees Complete Conference on FY24 National Defense Authorization Act
12/6/23 Ranking Member Khanna Opening Statement for Cyber, Information Technologies, and Innovation Subcommittee Hearing: "Back to the Future"
12/5/23 Quality of Life Panel Holds Briefing on Access to Health Care
November 2023
Date Title
11/30/23 Ranking Member Adam Smith Opening Statement for "Pass the Gavel" Ceremony
11/28/23 Media Advisory: "Pass the Gavel" Ceremony
11/22/23 Smith Statement on Hostage Release in Gaza
11/15/23 Ranking Member Adam Smith Opening Statement for House Armed Services Committee Hearing: "Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States"
11/2/23 Meeks, Smith, Himes Issue Joint Statement Opposing the Partisan Republican Israeli Supplemental
October 2023
Date Title
10/31/23 Smith Statement on House Republicans Delaying Support for Israel
10/30/23 Smith and Rogers Statement on Hospitalization of General Smith
10/28/23 Smith Statement on Israel and Gaza
10/27/23 Smith and Rogers Statement on U.S. Strikes in Syria
10/25/23 Ranking Member Courtney Statement on Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee Hearing: "The Submarine Industrial Base and its Ability to Support the AUKUS Framework"
10/18/23 Quality of Life Panel Holds Compensation Briefing
10/11/23 Smith and Rogers Issue Statement for Terrorists and Bad Actors Seeking to Harm Israel
10/7/23 Ranking Member Smith Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Israel
10/6/23 Smith Statement on Failed Amendment Attacking Transgender Service
September 2023
Date Title
9/30/23 Smith Statement on House Passage of Short-Term Government Funding Bill