January 2023

Date Title
1/25/23 Smith Statement on White House Announcement on Sending Abrams Main Battle Tanks to Ukraine
1/11/23 Armed Services Committees Leadership Announces Selections for Commission on the National Defense Strategy
1/10/23 Ranking Member Smith Statement on the Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party

December 2022

Date Title
12/30/22 Armed Services Committees Leadership Announces Chair and Vice Chair Selections for National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology
12/23/22 Chairman Smith Statement as the FY23 NDAA is Signed into Law
12/21/22 Chairman Smith Reacts to President Zelenskyy’s Address to Congress
12/16/22 Smith, Rogers Statement on Japan's Defense Agenda
12/12/22 House Armed Services Committee Markup of H. Res. 1475
12/8/22 Democratic-Led House Passes Bipartisan, Bicameral NDAA Agreement
12/6/22 HASC and SASC Release Text of FY23 NDAA Agreement

October 2022

Date Title
10/27/22 Smith Praises the Defense Department's 2022 Strategic Reviews
10/25/22 Smith Statement on the Passing of Ash Carter
10/20/22 Smith Statement on the DoD’s Latest Reproductive Care Memo
10/12/22 Smith Welcomes Biden Administration’s National Security Strategy
10/10/22 Smith Concludes Congressional Delegation to Spain, Greece, Croatia, and Portugal
10/6/22 Smith Praises U.S. Support for Ukraine, Highlights Ukraine’s Battlefield Success

September 2022

Date Title
9/30/22 Smith Condemns Lawless Russian Attempts to Annex Sovereign Ukrainian Territory
9/19/22 Smith Welcomes Final Report from Commission on Removing Confederate Symbols and Names from Military Assets
9/14/22 HASC Schedule: September 19 – 23
9/6/22 Smith Concludes Congressional Delegation to Japan, Indonesia

August 2022

Date Title
8/30/22 Smith Marks One-Year Anniversary of U.S. Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan
8/24/22 Smith Statement on U.S. Strikes in Syria
8/24/22 Smith Statement on Six-Month Anniversary of Russia’s Further Invasion of Ukraine
8/19/22 The Facts: Afghanistan, One Year Later
8/16/22 Smith Discusses One-Year Anniversary of Afghanistan Withdrawal on MSNBC