January 2022
Date Title
1/21/22 Smith, Speier, Takano Call on Secretary Austin and Secretary Cisneros to Launch Historical Review and Survey on LGBTQ+ Military Inclusion Files
1/18/22 Smith Statement on the Retirement of Congressman Jim Langevin
1/12/22 HASC Schedule: January 17 – 21
1/4/22 Updated HASC Schedule: January 10 – 14
December 2021
Date Title
12/27/21 Smith Statement as the FY22 NDAA Is Signed Into Law
12/17/21 The Facts: How the FY22 NDAA Invests in America's Diverse Talent Pool
12/13/21 The Facts: Delivering Real Reforms to Address the Military Sexual Assault Crisis
12/10/21 What They Are Saying: FY22 NDAA Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Reforms Receive High Praise from Advocates
12/10/21 Smith Statement on the FY22 NDAA’s Transformative Reforms for Military Justice and Accountability
12/7/21 Democratic-Led House Passes Bipartisan, Bicameral NDAA Agreement
12/7/21 HASC, SASC Release Text of FY22 NDAA Agreement
12/6/21 ***POSTPONED*** Bipartisan, Bicameral FY22 NDAA Background Briefing
November 2021
Date Title
11/24/21 HASC Schedule: November 29 – December 3
11/16/21 The Facts: Investing in the Right Tools for Strategic Competition
11/16/21 Smith Statement on the Retirement of Congresswoman Jackie Speier
11/16/21 Smith Statement on Russian Anti-Satellite Test
October 2021
Date Title
10/21/21 HASC Schedule: October 25 – 29
10/18/21 Smith Statement on the Passing of Colin Powell
10/5/21 Smith Commends Mandatory Vaccination for Civilian Personnel at the Department of Defense
September 2021
Date Title
9/23/21 Democratic-Led House Passes Annual Defense Bill for the 61st Consecutive Year
9/22/21 HASC Schedule: September 27 – October 1
9/21/21 Annual Defense Bill Comes to the House Floor
9/20/21 Smith Statement on the Biden-Harris Administration’s Efforts to Stop Violence in Northern Ethiopia
9/20/21 Smith Statement on a Decade Since the End of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
9/11/21 Smith Statement on the Anniversary of September 11