March 2009
Date Title
3/16/09 SKELTON, ORTIZ Commend DOD Decision to Review NSPS
3/9/09 SKELTON, SNYDER Commend President for Presidential Memorandum on Signing Statements
3/6/09 SNYDER and WITTMAN Statement on Defense Travel System
3/6/09 SKELTON, MCHUGH Announce Formation of Panel on Defense Acquisition Reform
3/3/09 Skelton on the Role of the U.S. Navy
February 2009
Date Title
2/27/09 Skelton Statement on President’s Iraq Redeployment Plan
2/26/09 Skelton Statement on President’s FY10 Budget Outline
2/25/09 Skelton Introduces “Year of the Military Family” Resolution
2/24/09 Skelton Visits Iwo Jima
2/17/09 Skelton Praises Announcement to Increase U.S. Troop Commitment in Afghanistan
2/13/09 SKELTON, ORTIZ Call for Halt to NSPS Conversions Pending Review
2/6/09 Davis “Deeply Troubled” over Increasing Numbers of Suicides in the Army
2/5/09 Taylor Statement on Future of U.S. Naval Shipbuilding
2/2/09 Skelton Concerned by Disturbing Trends in Afghanistan
January 2009
Date Title
1/30/09 Skelton Troubled By Inspector General’s Findings On Reconstruction Efforts in Afghanistan
1/29/09 Skelton on the Quadrennial Roles and Missions Review Report
1/22/09 Skelton on Executive Orders Concerning Guantanamo and Detainees
1/14/09 House Armed Services Committee Holds 111th Congress Organizational Meeting
1/14/09 Skelton Announces House Armed Services Committee Democratic Subcommittee Assignments
1/9/09 Skelton, McHugh Announce House Armed Services Committee Membership
1/9/09 Skelton Statement on H. Res. 34 and the Situation in Gaza
1/7/09 Skelton Welcomes New Democratic Members to House Armed Services Committee
December 2008
Date Title
12/18/08 TAUSCHER and LAMBORN Release Statement after Visit to Czech Republic
12/15/08 SKELTON, HUNTER, TAUSCHER, EVERETT Comment on the Interim Report of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States