April 2018
Date Title
4/25/18 Tactical Air & Land Forces Subcommittee Mark
4/25/18 Strategic Forces Subcommittee Mark
4/25/18 Readiness Subcommittee Mark
4/25/18 Military Personnel Subcommittee Mark
4/25/18 Seapower & Projection Forces Subcommittee Mark
4/24/18 Top Dems Oppose Privatization of Funds that Support Schools and Students Files
4/23/18 ADVISORY: NDAA Subcommittee Markup Press Briefings
4/18/18 FY19 NDAA Subcommittee Markup Schedule
4/18/18 Smith Statement on DOD Reform Proposals
4/14/18 Smith Statement on Syria Strikes
4/13/18 Smith Statement on Syria
4/12/18 Smith Remarks on Readiness, Syria, North Korea, Great Power Competition, and Arms Races
4/12/18 LETTER: Smith, Reed, Speier, and Gillibrand Request Details About DOD Transgender Policy Panel Files
4/12/18 House National Security Dems Demand Answers on Trump’s Border Troop Deployment Files
4/10/18 Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith Opposes Pompeo and Haspel Nominations
March 2018
Date Title
3/29/18 Smith & Thornberry Announce Markup Schedule for FY 19 NDAA
3/26/18 Smith Statement on Expulsion of Russian Officials and Closure of Russian Consulate
3/23/18 Smith Statement on Transgender Military Service
3/5/18 PRESS ADVISORY: Smith, Thornberry Announce Off-the-Record NDAA 101 for Reporters
February 2018
Date Title
2/12/18 Smith Statement on FY 2019 Budget Request
2/7/18 Smith Statement on Trump Request for Military Parade
2/6/18 Smith Remarks on Defense Spending and Taxes
2/2/18 Smith Statement on the Nuclear Posture Review
January 2018
Date Title
1/31/18 Smith Statement on Guantanamo
1/31/18 Congressman Adam Smith Reaction to President Trump's State of the Union Address