WASHINGTON , DC – Ranking Member Ike Skelton and Representative Silvestre Reyes issued the following statements in response to North Korea’s reported nuclear weapons test:

Ranking Member Ike Skelton (MO)

“North Korea continues playing a highly dangerous game.  This provocative act, in defiance of its Asian neighbors and the international community, reaffirms long-standing concerns about North Korea’s irresponsible behavior and raises serious questions about whether North Korea will transfer nuclear technology or weapons to other rogue regimes or groups in the future. 

“The efforts of the United States government and of the international community must be focused on taking united action to respond and to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and technology.  Because of its importance to both regional and international security, this issue must be given far greater priority and capability, including through the appointment of the high level coordinator for North Korean policy within the administration as required by this year’s defense authorization bill and through strong coordinated action from the United Nations Security Council.

“North Korea’s immediate neighbors, particularly China and Russia, will be especially critical in ensuring that any unified action is effective.  Hopefully today’s strong condemnations will be matched by strong, coordinated action going forward.”


Representative Silvestre Reyes (TX), Ranking Member, Strategic Forces Subcommittee

“I am extremely concerned that this action jeopardizes the security of the region and I hope the Administration and our allies in the region provide the leadership to convince the North Koreans of the severe consequences of their actions.”