WASHINGTON, DC – Today House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Ike Skelton (MO) will  introduce legislation to improve the ability of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGR) to investigate and hold accountable the spending of billions of dollars in reconstruction funds.

            Ranking Member Skelton’s bill removes the arbitrary termination date of October 2007, as set in the FY07 Defense Authorization Act.  The SIGR’s office will once again have a timeline of 10 months to complete its work once 80% of the funds under its jurisdiction have been spent.  With the extensions in this bill, it is estimated that the SIGR will be able to continue its important work through 2009.

“The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction has been a tremendously effective force for ensuring the American taxpayers are getting a fair shake.  My bill allows this crucial work to expand and continue until the job is truly finished,” Skelton said.

The bill also gives the Special Inspector General oversight of the $1.7 billion fund dedicated to providing the training, equipment and infrastructure necessary for the Iraqi Security Forces to fully secure their own nation.