WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, today issued the following statement after Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Congress to deliver a historic address as Ukraine continues to defend itself against Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion. 

"Ten months since Vladimir Putin’s unlawful further invasion began, the people of Ukraine continue to inspire the world with their courage, resilience, and determination. I was honored to hear President Zelenskyy’s address today. His unwavering commitment to freedom and the rule of law has shown us that the outcome of the war in Ukraine will determine the course of global security this century.

"At every stage of this war, the United States has worked with our allies and partners to get the Ukrainian people what they have needed to defend themselves and to push back Russian aggression. The strategy that the Biden Administration has put in place – sending over unprecedented economic, military, and humanitarian assistance, imposing massive economic pressure against Russia, and rallying a global coalition to support Ukraine – is delivering real results. 

"The Ukrainian people will face a difficult winter since Russia remains unwilling to engage in good-faith diplomatic efforts to end this unprovoked war.  During this pivotal moment, Congress has demonstrated bipartisan support for Ukraine. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23 NDAA) allocates $800 million in funding for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which provides vital assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and requires a comprehensive assessment of the oversight framework for U.S. assistance to Ukraine. To support the everyday Ukrainians who have seen their lives violently disrupted by Putin’s war, Congress must also pass the omnibus spending bill, which provides nearly $45 billion in emergency assistance to Ukraine.  

"Congress will continue to work with President Zelenskyy to support Ukraine as effectively as possible, providing military, economic, and humanitarian assistance to make life better for the people of Ukraine.  The United States stands with Ukraine and will continue to support its fight for freedom and democracy."