Date Title
4/29/10 Security and Stability in Pakistan: Developments in U.S. Policy and Funding
4/28/10 Air and Land Forces Subcommittee: Air and Mobility Programs
4/27/10 Current record
4/27/10 Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee: Simplifying Defense Travel: Improving the Defense Travel System for the User
4/27/10 Readiness Subcommittee: FY11 Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard Training and Operations
4/22/10 Air and Land Forces Subcommittee: Army and Air Force National Guard and Reserve Component Equipment Posture
4/21/10 Strategic Forces Subcommittee: Space Posture Review and the FY11 National Defense Authorization Budget Request for National Security Space Activities
4/21/10 Military Personnel Subcommittee: Defense Health Program
4/21/10 Markup of H.R. 5013, IMPROVE Acquisition Act of 2010
4/20/10 Military Personnel Subcommittee: Implementation of the Requirement to Provide a Medical Examination Before Separating Members Diagnosed with PTSD or TBI
4/15/10 Military Personnel Subcommittee: Supporting the Reserve Components as an Operational Reserve and Key Reserve Personnel Legislative Initiatives
4/15/10 Strategic Forces Subcommittee: Report of the Ballistic Missile Defense Review and the FY11 National Defense Authorization Budget Request for Missile Defense Programs
4/15/10 The Independent Panel's Assessment of the Quadrennial Defense Review
4/14/10 Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee: FY11 National Defense Authorization Budget Request for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Chemical Biological Defense Program and Counterproliferation Initiatives
4/14/10 The United States' Nuclear Weapons Policy and Force Structure
4/13/10 Military Personnel Subcommittee: DOD Medical Centers of Excellence